Rules of the Association



The masculine pronoun shall wherever it appears be taken to include the feminine. Wherever the word "Executive" is used it shall mean "Executive Committee of the Association".


1. Name


The Association shall be called the Norfolk County Amateur Swimming Association


2. Objects


The objects of the Association shall be


a)      To promote and encourage the art of swimming, life-saving, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming, and to stimulate public opinion in favour of providing proper accommodation and facilities.


b)      To select and govern teams and individuals to represent the County.


c)      To promote, hold, or allocate Amateur Championships


d)      To ensure that the Regulations of Swim England and the Constitution of Swim England East Region are observed.


3. Affiliation


The Association shall be affiliated to Swim England East Region.


4. Membership


A club that is affiliated to Swim England  East Region and whose principle location is within Norfolk shall automatically be affiliated to the County and shall be liable for any affiliation fee set by the County. Swim England  East Region will consult with the County as part of its process for deciding whether to grant affiliation’.


5. Subscription


a)     The subscription of each club shall be an amount per member as decided by the AGM of the Association. The subscription will be collected by Swim England on behalf of the County as part of its renewal system. The subscriptions shall become due annually on January 1st and must be remitted to Swim England  by 28 February

b)    The Executive shall have power to refund the whole or part of such fees but shall report such action to the next AGM of the Association.

c)     A Club not having discharged its liability to the Association by 28 February shall be suspended from that date, and reported to the next meeting of the Executive which shall publish the names of any such suspended clubs. The Hon. Treasurer may reinstate such a Club if satisfied there is a valid reason for non-payment and that all outstanding dues have been paid, and shall report such re-instatement to the next Executive meeting.


6. Officers


The Officers of the Association, all of whom are to be members of a club affiliated to Norfolk County ASA, shall be (a) President, (b) President Elect, (c) Past Presidents, (d) Hon. Secretary, (e) Hon. Treasurer, and (f) Hon. Chairman.


7. Executive Committee


a)     Membership
The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Officers, secretaries from sub committees listed in Appendix A, and those persons listed in Appendix B together with two representatives nominated by each affiliated club.

b)    Quorum
Eight voting members shall form a quorum.

c)     Duties


      i.        The Executive Committee shall hold four meetings each year and such other meetings as is deemed necessary by the Chairman or the Hon. Secretary who may also, if required, convene a meeting of the Officers between Executive Meetings to deal with urgent business and report back to the next Executive Meeting by means of meeting minutes.

     ii.        To co-opt to the Executive such other persons as they may decide.

    iii.        To decide at the time of co-option if the co-opted member is to have voting powers.

    iv.        To appoint such other sub-committees or other bodies or persons it may at any time consider necessary or desirable and to decide on the constitution, terms of reference and duties of such sub‑committees, other bodies or persons.

     v.        To control the finances of the Association. The Hon. Treasurer shall present a financial statement comparing actuals against budget and the amounts held in Bank Accounts and Cash at each Executive meeting.

    vi.        Absence of a Past President from three consecutive meetings without apologies having been given in writing to the Hon. Secretary shall entitle the Executive to remove his name from the list of serving officers.

   vii.        To suspend from activities wholly within its own jurisdiction or expel from membership any Club or members found guilty of violation of the Rules of the Association after informing such Club or member of the alleged offence and having given it or him an opportunity to offer a defence subject to an appeal to a General Meeting of the Association by the offending Club or member. All appeals are to be made within 14 days of the date of the original decision. The Hon. Secretary is authorised to call such a General meeting on the receipt of an appeal.


8. Annual and Special General Meeting


a)      The AGM shall be held in November each year at which the Annual Report and Audited Accounts for the previous year shall be presented and the Officers (except Past Presidents and the Chairman, the latter being elected for a period of three years), Hon. Auditor(s) and Hon. Solicitor and Hon. Medical Officers shall be elected by vote of the representatives of the clubs. This rule shall have precedence over Rule 9(a).


b)      The Hon. Secretary shall have received nomination of Officers and Executive Members seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of any such Nomination then nominations from the floor shall be accepted. The President Elect shall be President in the succeeding year.


c)      Fourteen days notice of all Annual and Special Meetings, and all resolutions to be proposed thereat, shall be given to all Officers of the Association and to all Hon. Secretaries of affiliated Clubs.


d)      No alteration or addition to those Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.


e)      Notice of any proposed alternation or addition to these Rules must reach the Hon. Secretary, in writing, on or before 1st October in order that the same may be placed on the Notice convening the meeting.


f)       A Special General Meeting may be called by two Clubs, who shall state in the request the purpose for which the meeting is to be called. No other business other than that on the Agenda shall be discussed at such a meeting. The Hon. Secretary shall call the meeting within one month of the request.


g)      Fifteen persons shall form a quorum at any Annual or Special Meeting.


h)      The AGM shall appoint those sub committees noted in Appendix A to the rules and the secretaries of those sub committees


i)        The AGM shall appoint those officials listed in Appendix B to the rules and other County representatives


9. Representation at General Meetings


a)      At any General Meeting of the Association the following shall have the right to attend and vote. They shall each have one vote only and in the case of the Chairman that shall be the casting vote.


i. The Officers of the Association.


ii. The Secretaries of Sub Committees.


iii. The officers listed in Appendix B.


iv. The appointed representatives of the affiliated Clubs.


Any paid up member of an affiliated club may attend and speak but not vote.


b)      Every affiliated club shall have the right to appoint a maximum of three representatives in accordance with their affiliation fee as follows:-


i. One representative for up to 150 members.


ii. One representative for each further 100 members or part.


The number of club members will be taken from the financial statements given to the County by Swim England during the previous calendar year.


c)      All nominations for Office and Committee shall be made from those entitled to attend, as listed above. In the event of any nominee being unable to attend his club may appoint another member to attend as a substitute.


10 Selection of Representatives


Any affiliated club member having been selected to represent the County shall be released by his club for that purpose unless prior approval for not doing so is given by the Competitions Committee. The appropriate Sub Committee shall have the power to select any number they deem necessary. Selected swimmers unable to take part in matches or contest shall give three days notice to the Sub Committee Hon. Secretary. Any swimmer, polo player or diver, who having accepted an invitation to represent the Association fails to keep his engagement without reasonable excuse being shown shall render himself liable to suspension from the activities of the Association for a period to be determined by the Executive.


11 County Colours


a)      County clothing will be made available for purchase by a swimmer when accepting an invitation to compete in an Inter-County Gala.

b)      A swimmer will receive awards after he has swum for a Norfolk County ASA team in Inter-County competitions as follows:


For 2019 and earlier


i. after four competitions he will be awarded his County Colours


ii. after eight competitions he will be awarded his Bronze Award


iii. after twelve competitions he will be awarded his Silver Award


iv. after sixteen competitions he will be awarded his Gold Award


From 2020 onwards


County Colours, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards based on the number of competitions. The criteria will be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time and will be published on the County website. In deciding on the criteria the Executive Committee will make special provision for those swimmers  who first competed for the County prior to 2020.


12 Trophies


All Trophies presented by the Association and competed for under its auspices shall be perpetual. A swimmer or club may hold a Trophy on handing to the Trophy Secretary a receipt giving a satisfactory undertaking to the Association for its safe and proper keeping and return on demand. A Trophy shall be returned to the Trophy Secretary at least 28 days before the Gala in which the event for which it is awarded is to be swum., If the Gala concerned is one of a series of galas making up a set of competition or championship events the Trophy shall be returned at least 28 days before the first gala of such series.


The Trophy Secretary shall supply to the Secretary of each club, at least 42 days before the Gala defined above, a list of the holders of such Trophies to be returned who were members of that club at the time they were awarded the Trophy.


The return of Trophies within the specified period shall be the responsibility of the club to which the Trophy Secretary supplies such a list and in the event of non-return to the Trophy Secretary within the specified period the club shall be liable to a fine of 5p per Trophy per day such fine to include the day preceding the day on which the Trophy in question comes into the possession of the Trophy Secretary.


It shall be the responsibility of the winner of a Trophy to have the Trophy engraved with the year and his name.


13 Withdrawal


Clubs may only withdraw from affiliation by ceasing to have their principle location in Norfolk or ceasing to be affiliated to Swim England East Region.


14 Interpretation of Rules


The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide all matters concerning the interpretation of these Rules, and to deal with all matters arising for which provision is not therein made.




The Officers of the Association other than Past Presidents shall be ex-officio members of, and entitled to vote on, each sub committee appointed by the Executive unless the Executive otherwise directs.


The AGM shall appoint a secretary for each sub-committee who shall, unless otherwise stated, nominate up to three members of that sub committee for endorsement by the Executive


Each sub-committee may co-opt other members and at the time of co-option shall decide if such members are to have voting power.


Unless otherwise stated three voting members shall form a quorum for each sub-committee.


Each sub-committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings and report them to the Executive.


The following sub-committees are to be appointed in accordance with Rule 7(c)ii.




Membership shall consist of the Officers of the Association and representatives of affiliated clubs, but only one representative of each club shall be entitled to vote. The County Coach, the Competitions Secretary and the Championship Secretary shall also be members and entitled to vote. In addition the following post-holders may also attend sub-committee meetings and be entitled to vote: Records & County Colours, Trophies, County Junior League, Officials Liaison, Masters, Open Water, Disabled Liaison , Press & PR, County Development Officer and Officials Examinations Officer. Five to form a quorum.




a)      To manage the County Championships and Age Group Competitions.

b)      To promote Inter-County matches when so required by the Executive.

c)      To select teams to represent the County as required. The Sub-Committee may at its discretion (subject to review) and with the agreement of the County Executive, delegate the selection of teams to a formally appointed panel of County Coaches.

d)      To appoint officials to County Championships, Competitions and Representative matches.

e)      To nominate swimmers for development events as required and to hold development events if considered necessary.




The Secretary shall be known as the County Development Officer.


Membership shall consist of the County Development Officer and three other nominated members all of whom have voting rights.


Officers of the Association may attend and take part in meetings but do not have voting rights.


The sub-committee will be quorate if 50% of those entitled to vote are present.




a)      To prepare a development plan and present it to the Executive for approval.

b)      To implement the approved plan and report progress on it to the Executive.

c)      To update the plan as necessary and seek further approval if appropriate.







a)      To deal with such matters relating to diving as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee.

b)      To make arrangements for holding Diving Championships.

c)      To select divers to represent the County as required.

d)      To represent Norfolk County ASA in their respective areas at Swim England East Region meetings.






To deal with any urgent business which may arise. A full report of its decisions shall be made at the next meeting of the Executive.





To deal with matters relating to facilities within the County, and any other matters delegated to it by the Executive Committee.


County Website



To produce and maintain the County Website





To deal with matters relating to Finance and associated matters at the request of the Executive Committee.


Synchronised Swimming




a)      To deal with matters relating to synchronised swimming as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee.

b)      To make arrangements for holding Synchronised Swimming Competitions/Championships.

c)      To represent Norfolk County ASA in their respective areas at Swim England East Region meetings.


 County Junior League



To organise and manage the Norfolk Junior League competition.


Masters Swimming




a)      To deal with matters relating to Masters swimming as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee.

b)      To make arrangements for holding Masters Swimming Competitions/Championships.

c)      To select swimmers to represent the County as required.

d)      To represent Norfolk County ASA in their respective areas at Swim EnglandEast Region meetings.


Water Polo




a)      To deal with matters relating to Water Polo as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee

b)      To make arrangements for holding Water Polo Competitions / Championships.

c)      To select swimmers to represent the County as required.

d)      To represent Norfolk County ASA in their respective areas at Swim England East Region meetings.


Open Water




a)      To deal with matters relating to Open Water as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee

b)      To make arrangements for holding Open Water Competitions / Championships.

c)      To represent Norfolk County ASA in their respective areas at Swim England East Region meetings.




The AGM shall appoint the following officials, and the Executive shall define their duties in accordance with Rule 7(c)iv.


  1. Trophy Officer
  2. Records Officer
  3. Officials Liaison Officer
  4. County Disabled Liaison Officer
  5. Championship Secretary
  6. Officials Training and Development Co-ordinator
  7. County Coach
  8. Colours Officer
  9. Gala Helpers Liason Officer
  10. Press & PR Officer
  11. County Volunteer Co-ordinator
  12. Swim EnglandEast Region Competitive Swimming Representative
  13. Secretary of Norfolk Junior League
  14. County Child Protection & Welfare Officer
  15. Members of the Swim England East Region Members Forum.

    The number shall be that last notified by Swim England East Region.

    In the event that Swim England notify a changed number before the next AGM the procedure shall be as follows.

    If the number is greater than that used at the last AGM the Officers shall appoint the extra Member(s) and report having done so at the next Executive Committee Meeting.

    If the number is less than that used at the last AGM the Members appointed at the last AGM shall agree between them who will resign from the Forum. If the Members cannot agree then the Officers shall decide and report having done so at the next Executive Committee Meeting.


   16. Swim England East Region Management Board Representative.

      This role will be appointed at the 2020 AGM and cease to exist on the dissolving of the                     unincorporated Swim England East Region.


The Championship Secretary will be responsible for organising the County Championships & Age Groups, the County Relay and the County Challenge Galas. (The Competitions Sub Committee Secretary will continue to concentrate on preparing the fixture list and arranging for the selection of teams, pool bookings, accommodation and transport for inter county galas).


The Gala Helpers Liaison Officer will be responsible for providing helpers, other than qualified officials, to county competitions and, in particular, devise, maintain and select from a list of CRB registered helpers proposed by affiliated clubs to fill positions at these gala. (Non CRB checked but willing individuals arriving at galas can no longer be asked to help out.)


Revised: 09.79 & Amended: 11.82, 11.84, 11.89, 11.91,11.92, 11.95, 11.97,11.99, 11.01, 11.02,11.05 and 11.06, 11.13, 11.14, 11.15, 11.16, 11.17, 11.18, 3.20, 11.20.