Norfolk County Masters Open Meet

On 10-05-2020 At UEA Sportspark Norwich LC

Entry Details and links to entry page and accepted entries

How to Enter

Click the link

This should start at something that looks like this image      click on the *Continue* button.

The website gives you the form to fill out in stages. Enter you details remembering to click the I agree to abide by the
promoter's conditions  checkbox. See here

Enter your registration number and press Display Details, this will get you to the third screenshot. The system no longer seems to need your full date of birth. Hit tab to move field if required and ensure you have lots of ticks.

Click the Enter Races button and *scroll down*. You should see something
like this image. Enter the times you want as:  minutes colon seconds dot hundredths eg 1:08.12 If there are no minutes then the
its just seconds dot hundredths e.g. 32.08

Once all the events have been entered with a green tick next to them and
there are no red x, click "Check Entry, Submit and Pay"

If all of that is obvious and it's still not working then please email letting us know
what sort of device/operating system and browser you are using. Or alternatively try a different device or different browser. If it does
work with a different device/browser then let us know what the problem one was so that we can investigate.

Once entered you will receive an email confirming your entry. If you were unable to use the paypal link to pay for your entry the email will also contain a link to the paypal site.

Entry Confirmation can be found here.