Current Officers, Committee Secretaries and Other Roles


Mr G Applin
President Elect
Mrs C Rose
Mr K Rumsey
Hon Secretary
Mrs K Woodhouse
Hon Treasurer
Mr K Belton
Hon Medical Officer
Dr M Roberts
Hon Solicitor
Mr B Faulkner
Hon Auditor
Ms K Curtis

Sub Committee Secretaries

Competitions Secretary
Masters Secretary
Synchro Swimming Secretary
Mr J Dixon
Water Polo Secretary
Mr K Hall
Finance Secretary
Mr K Belton
Norfolk Junior League Secretary
Mrs C Rose
Emergency Secretary
Mr C Galer
Development Secretary
Mr D Peck
Other Officials and County Representatives
Mrs D Barrett
Records & County Colours
Mr R Barrett
Officials Liaison
Mr G Applin
Officials Training & Development Coordinator
Mr C Galer
Child Protection & Welfare
Championship Secretary
Mr L Harvey
Gala Helper Liaison
Mrs D Barrett
Team Manager
Mrs A Riches
Press & PR
Mrs M Phoenix
Disabled Liaison
Mr T Moore
County Coach
Ms B Coombs
Open Water
Mrs J Kendall
County Website
Mr A Lelean
County Volunteer Co-ordinator
Mrs T Spinner