Current Officers, Committee Secretaries and Other Roles


Mrs J Banham
President Elect
Mr D Peck
Mr K Rumsey
Hon Secretary
Mrs T Spinner
Hon Treasurer
Mr K Belton
Hon Medical Officer
Dr.M Roberts
Hon Solicitor
Mr B Faulkner
Hon Auditor
Ms K Curtis

Sub Committee Secretaries

Competitions Secretary
Mrs Cheryl Rose
Masters Secretary
Sally Lelean
Synchro Swimming Secretary
Madeline Tallowin
Water Polo Secretary
John Dickson
Finance Secretary
Keith Belton
Norfolk Junior League Secretary
Elaine Bowen
Facilities Secretary
Emergency Secretary
Chris Galer
Development Secretary
Darren Peck

Other Officials and County Representatives

Dianne Barrett
Records & County Colours
Robin Barrett
Officials Liaison
Gary Applin
Officials Examinations
Tony Smith
Child Protection & Welfare
Mrs Nikki Miller
East Region
Stewart Murray
Championship Secretary
Liam Harvey
Gala Helper Liaison
Dianne Barrett
Team Manager
Mrs Cheryl Rose
Press & PR
Disabled Liaison
Tony Moore
County Coach
John Digby
Open Water
Paul Kendall
County Website
Adam Lelean
East Region Swimming Committee Rep.
Elaine Bowen
County Volunteer Co-ordinator